Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Use It Don't Toss It

Every time I'm about to throw something away I pause. I ask myself 'can this be used for something else without too much hassle?' Usually the answer is yes. Just today I read how to make an embossed aluminum picture frame out of soda cans. I'll have to try that one when I get a chance. Tubs and juice cans can be used for all kinds of projects from candle and soap molds, to bins to organize nuts, screws and small art supplies like jewelry findings.

We now use tote bags for every store, not just the grocery store. They are great for used bookstores where the wimpy plastic bags and the sharp corners of hardcover books don't work well together. Take the grungy ones to hardware stores and auto supply stores to carry dirty auto parts or tools that need a part.

Now I want to get or sew some inexpensive tote bags and then screen print them with our business names. That way when we tote things around we are advertising our own businesses and not Food4Less or something. The hardest part about using tote bags is remembering to take them from the house to the truck, then from the truck to the store. Sadly, though there was a momentary burst of people using the tote bags at our local markets, now no one seems to be doing it but us. Sad indeed.

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