Wednesday, 6 July 2011


When some neighbors moved, I found this chair waiting for the trash man.  I grabbed it thinking maybe it can be fixed. The woven seat needs to be repaired.  But for now it makes a great anchor for my weaving project.

Oh and the loom is made from popsicle sticks.

Save the Pool

Our neighbors always stick things in the dumpster that are too big for the trash crew to pick up, then the bulky items get tossed in front of my backyard gate, which I consider a fire escape, so that really chaps my hide.
In this heat my ankles have been hot and swollen, and I was just saying to my boyfriend how I should get a kiddy pool, just to keep cool in the backyard and soak my tired feet in.
So he said, "Take that one that's been blocking our gate for a week." At first I was disgusted.  He said, "Big deal, just clean it and you are good to go."
It was still there this morning after the trash crew came and left. So I booted it over the gate, scrubbed it with a brush I use to clean the truck, and now I have a way to keep my feet cool and happy.  And I saved one more thing from the landfill, at least for now.

Oftentimes the universe plops what we need right in front of us, and we don't recognize our good fortune. I'm sure buying a pool would have cost me $20 or so. So it's like I earned $20.