Friday, 2 March 2012

Cardboard and Soda Cans

Do you save cereal boxes and use the cardboard for other things? It's handy for making templates and for paper crafts. I always keep some of it around. I'm making a tutorial on magic wands with a cardboard base. I plan to use a cereal box for the project. I also use the boxes soda cans come in. Or once I have 12 or so I flatten them, tie them together and set them on top of the dumpster and the cardboard collectors come by and grab them. We have one guy that picks up cardboard and another that picks up metal, and dumpster divers pick up cans about 10 times a day. It's not legal in my city to dumpster dive and the last fine I heard of was $75. But I am glad someone is using the cans and maybe living off of the money so they don't starve to death. Our apartment complexes have no recycle bins and I think that is just wrong. The houses intermixed with them do get to recycle from home. Hopefully Anaheim will remedy that sometime in the near future.

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