Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Wasting Things

This is my reply to a blog post I read on Livejournal:

I've always been a hoarder, maker, and re-user of things.  In fact I really had to bite my tongue when my boyfriend's mom said she had just thrown away all the decorative pinecones she bought for Christmas.  There are so many uses for pinecones. And don't get me started on what a waste cutting down trees for xmas is.  So I vowed this year to always plant a tree for Christmas.  I'm going to plant a pomegranate tree this year as soon as I can afford one.  Maybe they will grow from the seeds.  I'll have to find out.
Our idiot landlord chopped down the only tree that shaded 4 apt. yards. Why? Because the neighbors whined and moaned that they had to rake up leaves. This summer they will fry and spend a fortune on air conditioning because their apts. are no longer shaded. But the owners of the building that complained the most don't even live here. They'll be in their posh home in San Diego under their air conditioners while we are all melting.
I just bought a new webcam when I had a perfectly good one already. Why? Because the old one is obsolete and won't work with this computer. Such a waste.  At least now the Goodwill's take electronic waste (anything with a cord or batteries).  You can't legally throw those things in a dumpster in CA, but every day when I drive down the alley I see TV's and monitors and radios and all kinds of that stuff by the dumpsters.  So at least in Anaheim it's being ignored.  People are too lazy to even walk across the street to the Goodwill to dump their old electronics. How sad is that?

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